ALBUM REVIEW: Jessica Mauboy – Beautiful


Jessica Mauboy is Australia’s sweetheart. She captivated the nation in 2006 when she came runner up in Australian Idol and since has gone onto releasing 2 studio albums, toured the country numerous times, collaborated with some huge names in music as well as starring in two feature films. ‘The Sapphires’ gave her worldwide status winning over critics and fans alike with her incredible voice and her on point acting skills. Jessica has spent most of the year recording and fine turning her next release with a massive Australian tour due to start in a couple of weeks.

‘Beautiful’ is Jessica Mauboy’s third studio album and is her strongest collection of material to date. The sound of the record is mainly pop dance with RNB influences with a few beautiful RNB ballads that showcase her mesmerizing vocals. ‘Keep Up Your Heels’ is a collaboration with Pitbull which incorporates Jazz elements and is quite Gatsby-esque. Jessica’s vocals can only be described as amazing. She always produces an on point vocal performance and this album doesn’t disappoint on that front. Songs Like ‘Barriers’ and ‘Never Be The Same’ deliver the strongest vocals and emotional displays. There is a 90’s feel to the songs taking the music back to simple pop/dance beats which work in her favour as it puts the focus on her vocals.

Jessica has grown as an artist and ‘Beautiful’ stands alone as her strongest work. It’s a feel good, fun record with beautiful lyrics and a lot of heart. I found the songs very easy to relate to with the lyrics honest and ‘I Believe’ standing out lyrically. “I Believe all things happen for a reason”/ “I believe I was hurt but my heart is still beating. I believe, I believe all the joy and the pain, the love and heartbreak led me where I am today.” ‘Go (I Don’t Need You)’ is one of the potential party anthems on the album as it has a catchy hook, great synths and a beat that incorporates a fun RNB feel. The lyrics leave an empowering message of being an independent woman and standing up to a guy if he treats you incorrectly because in the end you don’t need him.

The only down side to this album is that the songs ‘Honest’ and ‘In Love Again’ take a little while to  grow on you and aren’t as independently strong as the other tracks. However highlights from this album include ‘I Believe’, ‘Beautiful’, ‘Go (I Don’t Need You)’, ‘Barriers’, Kick Up Your Heels’ as well as the hit singles ‘To The End Of The Earth’ and ‘Pop A Bottle’.

‘Beautiful’ is a great record that radiates positive pop and RNB music with a little cheekiness and a whole lot of heart. The album is now in stores and you should definitely purchase yourself a copy and support this great Australian songstress.


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