SINGLE REVIEW: The Potbelleez feat B.O.B – Magic Number


The Potbelleez have had a pretty busy year with the release of ‘Saved In A Bottle’, touring the country as well as writing and recording a new album. This electronic trio are premiering their brand new single ‘Magic Number’ featuring B.O.B on The Bump tonight but I was able to have an exclusive listen to the song before its worldwide premiered.

“What is the magic number”, is what The Potbelleez are asking on their new single featuring rapper/hit maker B.O.B. The song is the perfect mixture of EDM and Hip-Hop with the two artists balancing each other out, creating an unforgettable track. The drops are on point and the hook is ridiculously catchy that you will have the song on replay. At a first listen my thoughts were “Yeah this is a good track”, and with each listen I found myself enjoying it a lot more. It’s a different sound for the group, allowing themselves to experiment with hip-hop and evolve there sound as a whole.

B.O.B’ is a very intelligent and brilliant artist and his collaboration with The Potbelleez is one of his best yet. His raps are interesting and help give the beats and hook something else to feed off. This is also the first EDM record that he has ever collaborated on and has opened up the rapper to this new genre of music. The song is very commercial and will be one that the radio will thrash and DJ’s will love playing in clubs. It’s the best song to kick off summer festival season with and look forward to seeing The Potbelleez back on the road shortly.

‘Magic Number’ will officially hit Australian radio on Tuesday, 8th October and will be available digitally on the same day. However tune into The Bump tonight (Friday 4 October) from 8pm to hear the premiere of the new single!

Before you hear ‘Magic Number’ check out the groups last single ‘Saved In A Bottle’



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