ALBUM REVIEW: Jason Derulo – Tattoos


Jason Derulo spent 2012 recovering from a near fatal neck injury while rehearsing for his ‘Future History World Tour’. While recovering he was in the studio writing and recording just waiting for the all clear so he could get back on the stage and release new music. That time has come, his current singles ‘The Other Side’ and ‘Talk Dirty’ have been dominating the charts and radio and his new album is set to do the same.

‘Tattoos’ is Derulo’s third studio album and is his most diverse collection of material. There is a good mixture of dance songs that could be potential club hits as well as a few slower RNB songs that balance the whole album out. It’s taken the sound from his debut self title album and mixed it with the sound of his second album ‘Future History’

The main highlights are ‘Marry Me’, ‘Fire’, ‘Vertigo’, ‘With The Lights On’ and ‘Stupid Love’.  The weakest song on the album comes from ‘Tattoo’ which is lyrically great but doesn’t go anywhere with the chorus falling a bit flat. There are a few collaborations throughout the album including guest appearances by 2 Chains, The Game, Pitbull and his girlfriend Jordin Sparks. ‘Vertigo’ featuring Sparks is one of the most talked about collaborations on this album because their chemistry works so well together. It actually sounds like a sequel to Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown 2008 smash hit ‘No Air’. It’s a beautiful RNB ballad and has become my personal favourite Jason Derulo song.

His vocals are becoming stronger and he is using less auto tune and focusing on his natural talent as well as hitting higher notes. He has also dropped singing his name at the start of every song and only does it at the end of ‘The Other Side’. It actually makes the songs sound more mature.

This is Jason Derulo’s best album to date and he has created some fantastic songs that are going to be in your head for hours. Definitely worth the listen.

Jason Derulo will be in Australia at the start of October to promote his new album ‘Tattoo’. This includes a FREE concert for Sunrise On October 1 at Overseas Passenger Terminal at Circular Quay. Derulo will also be performing an exclusive concert at Marquee on October 4 with tickets available now from Moshtix.

Jason Derulo ‘Tattoos’ is out now through ITunes and available at Sanity

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