ALBUM REVIEW: Keith Urban – Fuse


Keith Urban is Australia’s favourite Country rocker and why shouldn’t he be he’s got hit songs, he plays guitar and is just genuinely a nice bloke. Kicking off his world tour at the beginning of the year Keith has been busy selling out arenas around the world and now he’s adding a new album to the achievements for 2013.

‘Fuse’ is his eighth studio album and is collectively his most diverse album with a heavier pop influence than previous releases. Keith has always been a very pop orientated country singer (Along with the likes of Lady Antebellum and Carrie Underwood) but this album breaks those boundaries. The way he explains it is that he wanted to see how far he could go until he wasn’t comfortable with the sound. He has managed to keep his country roots while balancing it out with more pop influenced hooks and harmonies. This new sound doesn’t feel forced and feels natural. You can tell he is comfortable with how the songs are sounding and just having a whole lot of fun experimenting with genre-bending because it comes across in the music.

When listening to the album in full some songs do sound very similar and repetitive where you may question if you have already listened to that particular track. But that comes with the pop territory and you do find a lot of pop and country songs sounding quite similar using the same chord progressions and melodic ideas. Some tracks like ‘Love’s Poster Child’ are quite predictable because most of the songs use the same structure and you can start guessing where a guitar solo is going to come in and where a high note will be strategically placed. His vocals are sounding increasingly better than they have previously finding himself a wider vocal range than using the same register that he has used on the past seven albums. Highlights from this album include ‘Somewhere In My Car’, ‘Even The Stars Fall 4 U’ ‘Shame’, ‘Heart Like Mine’ and ‘We Were Us’ (Featuring country starlet Miranda Lambert).

I really like the direction Keith Urban has taken on ‘Fuse’, it’s showing that he is open to reinventing himself as an artist but still sticking to his roots. He’s opening his comfort zone to new sounds and ideas which is just improving him as an artist and opening his fan base up wider since his judging stint on The Voice. ‘Fuse’ is securing Keith Urban as one of the world’s favourite country musicians


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