In 2013 Jessie J has hit back with a new image and a raunchier sound showing everyone that she knows how to party. Recent singles ‘Wild’ and ‘It’s My Party’ both have become instant party anthems as well as getting continuous radio airplay and riding to the top of the charts. Jessie J is releasing her second studio album ‘Alive’ at the end of this week and I’ve been able to sneak a listen before it gets officially released. Read my track by track review here;

1. It’s My Party – The album kicks off with current single ‘It’s My Party’ which has a very fun vibe, reminiscent of ‘Domino’ which was a huge hit for the singer. If you haven’t heard it yet, you are most likely living under a rock.

2. Thunder – This is one of the main highlights on the album, it has a darker sound but has a positive undertone about that special kind of love. Her vocals are really showcased in this song because it has a wide vocal range and shows a slight side of her vulnerability. ‘Thunder’ will most likely become the next single, radio will love this track!

3. Square One – I’m not quite sure what to think about this song. I have listened to it a couple of times and it is slowly growing on me. The sound throughout the song changes and confuses the listener because it starts of pop and then goes into a rock direction and then a frank ocean sort of urban sound is thrown into the mix. However, the lyrics are incredible with the chorus repeating in your head ‘I don’t wanna hold hands with a stranger. I don’t wanna walk when I just learned how to run. I don’t wanna care ‘cause it’s human nature. I don’t wanna go, go, go, go back to square one’

4. Sexy Lady – This is the feel good, empowering anthem for females around the world. With it’s fun and naughty lyrics along with a killer dance beat and heavy guitars ‘Sexy Lady’ stands out. Definitely a potential single.

5. Harder We Fall – This song lacks that moment which makes it memorable. There is a good breakdown which will create for a good sing a long in her live sets but other than that it’s a album filler and isn’t a great miss if you skip it.

6. Breathe – ‘Breathe’ has a similar formula to ‘Thunder’ where it has a dark electronic beat which draws you in and then Jessie hits you with powerful lyrics. In this song she is begging to her lover that she will give them everything that she has in herself to make the relationship work and just needs them to say yes. Definitely another highlight on ‘Alive’ and worth the listen.

7. I Miss Her – I feel like in this song she’s throwing out so much emotion in her vocals (To the point where she’s almost wailing) but it just isn’t connecting. It’s honestly a very forgettable song and there’s nothing else to say about it.

8. Daydreamin – This song takes us back to the 90’s with its very quirky and over the top pop sound. It’s the cheesiest song on the album and reminds us of something Kylie Minouge would’ve released back in the ‘I Should Be So Lucky’ era. It’s very catchy and has the cute factor.

9. Excuse My Rude – I was very excited when I heard about this collaboration between Jessie J and Becky G and ‘Excuse My Rude’ does not disappoint. It has the perfect mix of sass, and soul mixed with a really sick dance beat. Becky G also delivers on her rap and ties this song together as another album highlight.

10. Wild – I didn’t like the song at first and with its heavy rotation on radio I have slightly started to like this club favourite. The album version is the UK single version which has less rap and more vocals from Jessie which sounds better than the single version which was released in Australia

11. Gold – I have a feeling this song will be a hit and miss with most listeners and some will love it and some just wont. I for one love this song, it’s very cute and again a bit cheesy like ‘Daydreamin’ but it works and her vocals sound incredible.

12. Conquer The World – So for starters I didn’t know Brandy was still relevant or even making music but this song re-introduces the singer with this collaboration between her and Jessie J. ‘Conquer The World’ is a urban rock ballad but the song would have been stronger if it was just Jessie. Her vocals shine throughout the whole song but Brandy didn’t step it up and fades too much in the background.

13. Alive – The final track on the album as well as the title track, so there is a bit of pressure for this song to deliver but I’m just so unsure on this song. I like the heart monitor being added as the main beat for the verses but the chorus just doesn’t take this song to places that it should soar to. I do think this track will sound better live and will probably be a live favourite but it’s not a album favourite.

Jessie J delivers on ‘Alive’ with some killer pop songs which will see the singer dominating the charts again over the next couple of months. These songs will also improve the singers live set because previously her shows were a bit boring and didn’t have that oomph to make them memorable. But with these new songs the sound is directed towards an epic live sound where she involves her band more and I have a feeling she will deliver. The two lead singles have been directed towards dance and club anthems but there aren’t many other songs on this album that could follow their lead. There are a few album fillers that people will find themselves skipping but its overall a decent album.

Jessie J – ‘Alive’ is available to pre order on ITunes and will be released on Friday 20 September.



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