Niall Horan Arrives In Melbourne For Holiday Prior Australian Tour

Niall Arriving

*Photo supplied by Louise Pendlebury*

There are always rumours going around on Twitter, some turn about to be true but others are usually false with some online trolls trying to feed a reaction out of these dedicated fan bases. One rumour that lighted up Twitter was that Niall Horan was on his way to Australia to spend some time with his family that live here before One Direction’s massive Australian Tour. These rumours were shut down pretty quickly with Niall responding to some fans via Direct Message on Twitter saying that the rumour was false and he wasn’t coming early.

A group of fifteen fans decided to still head to the airport just in case, and they were surprised when he emerged off a flight in Melbourne in the early hours of the morning. As soon as Niall spotted the group of girls waiting for him he started running through the terminal to the car outside that was waiting for him.

Louise Pendlebury was one of the girls waiting for Niall to Arrive and I spoke to her about what happened when he ran away from the group of fans. “We ran after him, and I touched his arm and got a photo of him but we didn’t get to speak to him or anything. It was so surreal being in the same room as him, let alone running out of an airport within a metre of each other. I’m still in such shock over what happened and I cannot believe I got the opportunity to be so close to him.”

So what is Niall actually doing in Australia and where can you spot him? Niall is in the country to spend some time with his cousins that live in Australia, Stephen and Martin. He is spending his 20th birthday here with his family and is expected to hit the town and check out Melbourne’s incredible night life. Your best bet to spot Niall is in the city doing some sightseeing. He has already been spotted in St Kilda and in Federation Square. He has been rumoured to appear at some of the One Direction: This Is Us premieres that are happening in the next week but nothing has been confirmed.  Because he is here to visit family we do suggest you don’t try to stalk him while he’s here and give him some space and try to meet him when he returns in a few weeks for the tour.

The One Direction Australian tour kicks off in Adelaide on 23 September with the tour wrapping up in Melbourne on 30 October.