Album Review: John Mayer – Paradise Valley


John Mayer is known for being pretty outspoken, not holding back his opinion and being a tad weird but he is also known for being an incredible musician. He has had some of the biggest hits from the past 10 years including ‘Waiting For The World To Change’ and ‘Your Body Is A Wonderland’. After having to undergo throat surgery again in the middle of 2012, John has recorded and recently released his sixth studio album. ‘Paradise Valley’ has a stronger blues and roots sound which is similar to his previous album ‘Born And Raised’.  This album is pretty good with a few standout tracks but a few that are forgettable very quickly.

One of the highlights is a collaboration between Mayer and his ex-girlfriend Katy Perry. ‘Who You Love’ is the token Ballad on the record and is a strong love song which will no doubt become a single soon. Frank Ocean also makes an appearance on an alternate version of ‘Wildfire’ however it’s not as good as you would expect. Frank Ocean’s vocals are incredible and suit the mood of the song but when Mayer and Ocean start harmonising their two vocals clashed. It’s a very short song with the duration only 1:27 so it would’ve been better if it was longer to hear the song grow and hear some more experimentation between the two vocalist’s harmonies. Other highlights are ‘Waiting On The Day’, ‘I Will Be Found At Sea’ and the two singles ‘Wildfire’ and ‘Paper Doll’.

Mayer’s vocals on this album are fantastic considering this was recorded just after his throat surgery which possibly could have left him no longer being able to sing. He does play safer with his high notes trying to re-invent his sound in a lower register but it wouldn’t be a John Mayer album with a few crazy high notes. ‘Paradise Valley’ is generally a good album, there are a few songs that are incredible but a few that just lack genius. It’s a great album to pop on in the background while you’re doing something or just simply want to relax.

You can catch John Mayer in Australia next year when he headlines Bluesfest 2014 on Byron Bay. I’m sure we can expect him to do a few sideshows while he is in the country so keep an eye out for any further announcements.

Check out this Lyric Video John Mayer released for his single ‘Paper Doll’, I don’t know what this lady is on about but I makes me want to ‘Prancerise’ with her.

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