X Factor 2013 – Thomas Weighs In

The search for Australia’s next ‘big thing’ has well and truly started. Some of Australia’s best talent have performed on the stage begging for a spot in the top 12. With the top 12 being finalised a couple of weeks ago we have now seen two acts already head home during the live shows. The final 10 have just been decided by the public, who will now take on ‘Top 10 Hits’ in next week’s show. But who has wowed and who has disappointed so far in this competition? Here is what I think on this years’ contestants



JTR – This boy band are just simply failing to connect. They are brothers, their performances should be tighter and there are only three members which allows more allotted time for each member to shine and they just aren’t. Both performances have been pretty weak and need a strong performance next week to keep them in the competition. They have huge expectations to surpass from last year’s boy band The Collective as they are the only boy band in the competition.

Group They Reminds Me Of: Emblem 3

Third D3gree – One of my personal favourites from this year’s competition. They are something different to the sort of groups that we are currently hearing on our radios. The two female vocalists are definitely the stronger singers and personalities in the group where as the guy is kind of fading to the background to often. Their performances so far on the live shows have been the standouts and I can definitely see them in the grand final and hear their songs on the radio.

Group They Reminds Me Of: Black Eyed Peas

Adira-Belle – Eliminated, and in our opinion should’ve been given more time to show Australia who they are as artists. This industry needs a sassy girl group who don’t keep things safe and at time boring unlike Little Mix. I just think Adira-Belle seemed ready but just weren’t and crumbled with the song choice they were given.

Group They Remind Me Of: Destiny Child


Dami Im – She is the strongest competitor in this year’s competition and is currently the contestant to beat. She has already had two stand ovations with her performances of ‘One’ and ‘Purple Rain’ which were both excellent. However her problem is going to be once she has one weak performance she could be gone as she’s raised her expectations so high. I have a feeling she will crumble when she has to do a performance with heaps of choreography. She has a really likeable personality too because she’s so quirky and cute that you just want to know her and watch her over and over again.

Artist She Reminds Me Of: Soft Rock version of Lady Gaga (Vocal and Quirkiness)

Cat Vas – Eliminated, She has an amazing voice but she just didn’t connect with the audience. Her first performance was notably really good but this week’s performance of ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Of You’ was a bit sloppy. She is one artist we expect to make it big over a couple of years independently like Matt Corby and Lisa Mitchell.

Artist She Reminds Me Of: Lykke Li

Barry Southgate – I do like him however he’s too similar to Nathaniel Willemse who was a contestant on last year’s show. Barry tries too hard and it doesn’t seem natural for him and that is what you want from a recording artist. His performance of ‘When I Get You Alone’ in week one was quite weak and cheesy, his second week was a big improvement.

Artist He Reminds Me Of: Bruno Mars


Joelle – She is a serious threat in the competition. She has the personality, the sass, the voice, the look and she can dance too. She’s very versatile and is this year’s only real diva. The song choice for her in week two was bad, she should’ve performed a different Rihanna song and not ‘Rude Boy’ as that just made her look and visibly feel awkward on stage. She’s one to watch as she radiates fun and is one of the few contestants that people are drawn too.

Artist She Reminds Me Of: Fergie

Jiordan Tolli – This girl is very hard to describe, she is very unique and there isn’t many people like her. Her voice is captivating, her personality is quirky and cute. Her performance of ‘Thriller’ was a clear standout and made a lot of people to take note of who she actually was and why she deserved a place on the stage. Pretty much guys want to date her and girls want to be her best friend.

Artists She Reminds Me Of: Lily Allen, only because I do see her creating quirky pop music in the future.

Ellie Lovegrove – I’m going to be quite honest, she is the only contestant in this year that I don’t understand why she is there. I find her a very average singer, and performer and nothing really unique that makes me stand up and go I want to buy an album of hers now. Her performance of ‘Satisfaction’ was notably really good, but by the end of the show I forgot about her performance.

Artist She Reminds Me Of: Can’t think of one


Jai Waetford – He is the boy who captivated the whole country within the first few minutes of X Factor 2013. His audition was one of the most talked about and downloaded performances ever. There is no denying that this kid is super talented but is he too young? His Beatles performance showed his age by the way he performed and connected to the song and just didn’t resonate with me. His previous performance the week before of ‘Fix You’ was absolutely brilliant and had my arms in goose bumps. I think the thing about Jai is that he is very likeable and he’s the good guy that you do want to root for. The only downside about him is that he’s only 14 years old and hasn’t gone through puberty yet and there will be that transitional period where he will need to update and change his style of music.

Artist He Reminds Me Of: A Young Justin Bieber

Taylor Henderson – This guy has a lot of high expectations because his father won Australia’s Got Talent a couple of years back. I feel like this show is trying to make Taylor more of a pop artist than allowing him to just be himself and play his guitar and connect with people that way. He is an incredible storyteller and needs to be given the chance to show people that. Great voice but was lost in the whole production of his “running” performance.

Artists He Reminds Me Of: Ed Sheeran (With a guitar in hand)

Omar Dean – Only two words need to be said about Omar; incredible voice. However he just doesn’t come across as a likeable personality. He seems very hard to connect with, and seems a bit of a player. He needs to connect better with the songs, drop the cheesiness and be honest and open when he sings. He has a lot of improvements to be made to iwn but he could get there. His falsetto is amazing.

Artist He Reminds Me Of: Usher



There have been a couple standout performances over the past couple of weeks but a lot of the acts are struggling to connect because of the slack song choice they are being given. For example, Adira-Belle should have been given Crazy In Love by Beyonce instead of ‘Girls’.

My final four prediction is; Dami Im, Third D3gree, Taylor Henderson, Jiordan

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