Live Review: Pink – The Truth About Love Tour in Brisbane


Australia has a love and fascination for Pink from the way her music speaks to a wide range of people to her down to earth personality which fits right in with our way of life. So it’s with no surprise that whenever she is down under everyone wants to attend and see the spectacle. She broke records on her 2009 Funhouse Tour playing 58 shows in Australia and now she has made her way back down under for another massive tour with 46 shows here.

‘The Truth About Love Tour’ takes everything she has ever done before and elevates it to a whole new level. The show is based around the concept of a game show and finding out what is the truth about love. The crowd in Brisbane was sold out and the atmosphere was electric with everyone buzzing for the singer to hit the stage. Opening with ‘Raise Your Glass’ she bungees on stage with an explosion of fireworks and spends the first song showing off her aerialist techniques on a bungee cord. She then went into performing ‘Walk Of Shame’, ‘Just Like A Pill’ and ‘U + Ur Hand’. During these first few songs it becomes noticeable that she has actually learnt choreography and is properly dancing. Whereas on previous tours she has left the choreography to her dancers and kind of went off on her own tangent. However as always during ‘Leave Me A Lone’ she leaves her choreography and goofs across the stage doing the daggiest dance possible encouraging the crowd to show her their most daggiest moves.

Emerging from underneath the stage for ‘Try’ she is lifted into the air on aerial silks before grounding herself on the stage where she re-enacts the choreography from the ‘Try’ video with one of her male dancers. Then she goes into performing songs like ‘Trouble’, ‘Are We All We Are’ and a cover of ‘Wicked Game’ before emerging onto the stage in a giant ball. She performs ‘Sober’ while being spun around and hangs off the ball while its swinging showing off her incredible strength and gymnastic ability.


The show then becomes very intimate with Pink on the piano performing ‘The Great Escape’ before taking a seat at the end of the runway with her guitarist to do a couple of tracks acoustically. During this section of the show she speaks a lot to the crowd and tells anecdotes about her life and family. Before performing ‘Fucking Perfect’ she tells the audience how her daughter Willow told her that this particular song had too many “mummy words” so she performed a clean version. Her banter with the crowd is really fun and makes the show feel special and different if you do go to multiple shows.

After the acoustic section is over its time to wrap up this show with a bang so she comes back on the stage with her entourage of dancers to perform a medley of her old hits then says goodbye to the crowd with hit single ‘Blow Me (One Last Kiss)’. But the show is not over there with Pink soaring across the crowd while performing 2008 hit ‘So What’ making sure everyone in the arena gets their own up close and personal experience before really saying goodnight and thank you.

This is Pink’s best live show to date, soaring over expectations from previous tours. You will laugh, cry, dance and walk away raving about the show and wanting to go again. She has reduced the amount of swearing and sexual innuendo compared to previous tours because of her daughter. That does lose the cheeky touch she did have with her live shows but she’s just stepped up her game with the acrobatics and theatrics. Her vocals are amazing for the majority of the show but the acrobatics do take their toll making her lose breath and at some points not singing lyrics (But hey she is upside down and spinning around).  Her live band is sounding better than they ever have and Pink is interacting with them more and actually joining in playing/attempting a range of instruments. If you haven’t bought a ticket yet to this show make sure you hop onto Ticketek right now and buy one as they have re-released more seats and mosh availability for all shows!


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