Singled Out: Elen Levon – Wild Child


Elen Levon is an artist who has accomplished quite a lot at such a young age. Already touring with the likes of Snoop Dogg, Chris Brown, Jay Sean and Nelly as well as having 3 hit singles including ‘Dancing To The Same Song’ and ‘Naughty’. Elen has just released her brand new single ‘Wild Child’ which showcases a new sound for the songstress. This song is a lot more chilled compared to her previous releases with a summer/dance feeling to the song making it the perfect summer anthem. Elen shows a vulnerable side to her within the lyrics, singing about wanting to be that person’s soul mate, that one ‘wild child’ that you will always call yours. The hook is extremely catchy and gets stuck in your head very easily where you find yourself singing “I’m gonna be your one only one wild child, you need to give in into the riptide”. Her vocals are showcased on this track with a stripped back dance track allowing her show everyone her incredible raw vocal strength.

I was very happy while listening to this song for the first time because it’s so different to her past material and isn’t so focused on the beat and electronic sounds. This is definitely her strongest single to date and with expectations growing increasingly high for her debut album. If you haven’t heard her previous single ‘Dancing To The Same Song’ make sure you also check that song out as it’s one incredible song.

‘Wild Child’ by Elen Levon is now available on ITunes

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