Singled Out: The Collective, Samantha Jade, Kelly Clarkson


The Collective – Another Life

Boybands are the in craze at the moment and The Collective have got Australian girls captivated and hooked. They have just released their brand new single ‘Another Life’ which sees the boys tackling an edgy pop/dance track. The song is similar sounding to UK boyband The Wanted who are doing huge things currently on the charts worldwide. ‘Another Life’ showcases solos from Julian, Will, Jayden and Trent but surprisingly features no rap from Will on this track. The hook will get caught in your head very quickly finding yourself singing “Maybe I was mistaken when your lips got closer to mine”. The song is a very impressive debut for this group and has set the expectations high for what will follow next. The song is a lot more mature than their first single ‘Surrender’ which was released at the end of their X Factor journey. The Collective are currently working on their new studio album which is due to be released later this year. You can buy ‘Another Life’ now on ITunes or order a physical copy of the single through Sanity.

Wanna meet The Collective? Well you can when Julian, Will, Jayden, Trent and Zach head across the country to perform a few songs and meet ALL their fans at these FREE events

Friday July 19 – Canberra – Westfield Belconnen, 5pm
Saturday 20 July – Sydney – Castle Towers, 1pm
Sunday July 21 – Melbourne – Town Square Watergardens, 12pm
Thursday July 25 – Brisbane – Westfield Chermside, 6pm
Saturday 27 July – Perth – Westfield Carousel, 12pm
Thursday August 1 – Adelaide – Westfield Tea Tree Plaza, 6pm


Samantha Jade – Firestarter

X Factor 2012 Winner Samantha Jade has been very busy this year, in-between writing and recording her new album she has been gigging across the country and filming a mini TV Series playing a young Kylie Minogue in the INXS Story. She has finally released her highly anticipated new single ‘Firestarter’. This song has a very 90’s dance sound, reminiscent to a Kylie Minogue track. It’s super catchy with the hook “go on and take me higher, you can be my Firestarter” playing in your head over and over again. There were high expectations after her debut single ‘What You’ve Done To Me’ was a instant hit but ‘Firestarter’ delivers and soars over your expectations. The song is slowly climbing up the charts just verging on cracking the ITunes Top 10 and is featured on the X Factor new series TV promo. You can buy ‘Firestarter’ now on ITunes or order a physical copy of the single through Sanity now
Kelly Clarskon

Kelly Clarkson – Tie It Up

Kelly Clarkson has had over a decade of hits and she’s not slowing down anytime soon. She has just completed her Stronger world tour and has already hit the studio working on her next album. ‘Tie It Up’ is the brand new single from Kelly Clarkson and it is quite different to what we have previously heard from the songstress. This song is heavily country and blues influenced with twanged-out guitars but still the pop sound remains intact. It’s a very girly/cute song about getting married (Tieing it up) and about him being the one and having to set the date, hire the band and prepare for the big day. I personally don’t like the main chorus as it’s almost screechy and doesn’t suit the way the rest of the song is performed. The verse and Bridge are super catchy and had me singing along to “I love the ring of your name, You’re the ying to my yang, Oh baby let’s give it a shot”. Kelly has always had the Country vibe to her music and her live performance and now she is taking that direct path into the style so possibly we could see a heavier country influence on the next album, only time will tell. ‘Tie It Up’ is a good song, it has its moments of strength but also has time of weakness. It isn’t the best song she’s released but it’s by far not her worst, it’s just a good radio single.  ‘Tie It Up’ is now available on ITunes.

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