Artist Spotlight: Georgia Potter


Georgia Potter is one of Australia’s incredible unheard voices. This independent Brisbane based songstress has released two promotional singles ‘Reckless’ and ‘XO’ which are two distinct sounding songs with a strong electronic/pop sound. Georgia is slowly gaining a name for herself in the industry, being labelled “the female Frank Ocean” from multiple blog sites including ‘Indie Shuffle’. She has performed at Woodford Folk Festival and you can usually find her travelling around Australia performing.

Her music has stood out to me because it’s so unique and isn’t like anything else that is out there at the moment. The songs have an indie soul but an electronic vibe bringing this weird sound to life. The hooks will get stuck in your head with her voice haunting you with the lyrics “You just make me wanna be reckless” or “Her love is an exo-skeleton”.
Her strongest song to date would have to be her new single ‘Reckless’, with the music video for this track premiering on Friday 12 July at or you can listen to the song here; The song just has a beat where you just want to dance a long and the hook making you want to sing on the top of your lungs. It’s just one of those feel good electronic pop songs that has really good, relatable lyrics.

Georgia is hoping to spend the rest of the year travelling overseas writing and recording new music and continually experimenting with sounds. If you’re in Brisbane this Friday night head to Alhambra Lounge to watch her perform live and I can promise you that you won’t regret it.

You can download her songs ‘Reckless’, ‘XO’ and ‘Good Thing’ for FREE at Triple J Unearthed. She is worth checking out and discovering her unique music for yourself because she is insanely talented and she is one of the industries rising stars.

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