2013 Billboard Awards Re-Cap


The 2013 Billboard Music Awards has just aired and what an interesting evening it was from stunner performances, to weird presenter combinations to an unexpected booing.

Taylor Swift won big this year winning 8 awards from her 11 nominations followed by Rihanna who won 4 awards and then Carly Rae Jepsen, Gotye, Nicki Minaj, Madonna and One Direction who all won 3. I think the biggest let down would have been Maroon 5 and Fun who were both nominated for a huge 11 awards and only won one each.

The performances this year were really good with some outdoing others in props and staging and others by vocals.

Bruno Mars kicked it off with a performance of his new Single ‘Treasure’ the catchy song had everyone dancing and singing along. But kind fell flat in the memorable section.

Selena Gomez showed everyone she’s not just a little Disney girl anymore, showing off her sexy image with her new upfront single ‘Come And Get It’. Her vocals were much better than in previous performances of this song.

The Band Perry aren’t very well known in Australia but In America they are huge and their performances were one of the most entertaining with banging drums to the spectacular lazer display. And then Icona Pop made it to the stage with their hit song ‘I Love It’ but this performance did them no justice. It was very awkward and the duo looked like they were fighting each other to get the attention and standout.

Chris Brown usually gives a performance that everyone speaks about, shares and genuinely fangirls about but this time around I’m not too sure. His vocals are very weak and the real standout is his lead guitarist Orianthi who is famous in her own right. His dancing is still on point, but the shadow dancing is very Michael Jackson and not so original.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis performed their smash hit ‘Thrift Shop’ from what seemed to be a club in Las Vegas and it was great but they should’ve been headlining the main stage in the arena.

The performance that really stood out was Taylor Swift ‘22’ which was very creative, innovative and most of all fun. But what she was wearing was more like an outfit for a 12 year old not a 22 year old.

Then Kacey Musgrave took to the stage and gave a alright performance but nothing that’s really worth checking out.

Personally I am a big fan of Justin Bieber but tonight’s performance was a bit weird. He seemed very arrogant on stage, very posed and using the same stance and dance moves as Michael Jackson who he looks up to. It was a very futuristic sort of performance with lots of cool dancing.

When Justin Bieber accepted his Milestone award there was an unexpected outbreak in booing and the young singers face was just as shocked as to what happened. He kept it cool and made a short speech about how it should all be focused on the music and not the lifestyle of the artist.

One of the most talked about things from the show was Pitbull’s performance with Christina Aguilera and her possible Lip-Synching. The diva looked absolutely beautiful and strutted up and down the stage with Pitbull in this very energetic performance.

Miguel is someone who has recently shot to fame and his single ‘Adorn’ is a very sexual and emotional song , this performance was alright, nothing I would really rave about though. However Ed Sheeran is someone who is worth raving about. This UK singer/songwriter has the whole word captivated and his unique storytelling has captured everyone’s hearts. His performance of ‘Lego House’ was very intimate on a small B Stage surrounded by candles, the performance showcased the singers incredible voice.

Jennifer Lopez new single may be pretty average, and listening to it live won’t change that but she did put on a fantastic live performance. Opening with a spoken intro “Nothing last forever. So live it up, drink it down, laugh it off, avoid the drama, take chances and never have regrets” she commanded the audience’s attention with a matrix theme. She looked like she may have killed a few hundred Elmo’s with her outfit but she was looking hot and worked hard spinning on polls and dancing.

Justin Bieber once again performed on stage but this time with Will.I.Am for his single #ThatPower and it was alright, not the best vocals, the dancing was pretty good but not a standout performance from the evening.

Nicki Minaj really brought it this year with a fantastic performance of ‘High School’ feat Lil Wayne. Her band were on fire and really brought this song to life. But what got everyone talking were her twerking and her lap dance to Lil Wayne. What was happening there? I think it’s safe to say everyone was little shocked haha!

The Presenters were also as A-List as the performances including appearances by Miley Cyrus, Shania Twain, PSY, Ke$ha, Ariana Grande, Celine Dion, Cee Lo Green and Kelly Rowland. One presenter who was very odd on stage was Avril Lavigne. She acted very awkwardly and at some points yelling her lines. Maybe she wasn’t ready for her comeback?

Another lady who was awkward while trying to grace that stage was Madonna when she accepted Top Touring Artist. She started off asking Will.I.Am to hold her trophy and then decided to ask him to hold her glasses and kept speaking in a weird manner. It was just a very odd acceptance speech and at times seemed fake.

And yes, its true. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were seen together backstage sharing a kiss on the cheek! Is romance back on the cards for this on and off couple?

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