Future Music Festival 2013 Brisbane Review

Future Music Festival was the one festival I was overly excited about this year. The line up boasted some of the biggest names in the industry including The Prodigy, Avici, Stone Roses, Bloc Party, Azealia Banks, Rita Ora, Fun, Ellie Goulding and one hit wonder PSY. So it was no surprise that the festival sold out in most states and everywhere else was close to capacity.

The Brisbane date on the tour was subject to some of the worst weather the festival has ever had. It was down pouring all morning which lead to the gates being delayed and the festival closing the Mazda 2 stage until they could make it safe for punters to venture out there. When they finally opened the Mazda 2 Stage, Bombs Away only had 10minutes left of their set to win over the restless crowd. But they did it with their club hits ‘Super Soaker’ and ‘Party Bass’.

Next up was Gypsy And The Cat and honestly I’m not sure why they were on the festival line-up, it was a odd choice. The band just doesn’t have that on stage enthusiasm and their set just got very repetitive and boring quickly. They performed mostly tracks of their new album ‘The Late Blue’ as well as a few tracks for their debut album ‘Gilgamesh’ which got the most crowd reactions. I saw them perform last year at Splendour In The Grass and wasn’t too impressed as their live show is nothing special and yet again I wasn’t impressed a year later.

One of my favourite musicians at the moment is English songstress Ellie Goulding who has just had recent worldwide success with her song ‘Anything Could Happen’. Her recent album ‘Halcyon’ is one of my favourite records, it’s so honest and so relatable, if you haven’t listened to it yet make sure you do. Ellie took to the Mazda 2 stage probably at the worst possible time, the rain was on an angle towards the stage, the microphones weren’t working; all the equipment and Ellie herself were getting saturated. It wasn’t a good start at all. Opening song ‘Don’t Say A Word’ was not audible at all, with Ellie’s microphone not working but by the second song her microphone was working and things looked like they were getting better. She started performing a mixture of old and new tracks including ‘I Need Your Love’, ‘Figure 8’, ‘My Blood’, ‘Only You’ and ‘Lights’. Her manager came on stage half way through and told Ellie she would have to cut her set short as she was getting too wet on stage and it was becoming unsafe. She announced her last song would be ‘Starry Eyed’ and closed the set with a massive sing along. However everyone was a tad confused why she left out ‘Anything Could Happen’ but before the crowd could question her she was gone. Aside from all the technical difficulties Ellie put on an electric performance with so much energy backed up by her incredible voice which had my whole arm covered in goose bumps. I hope next time she comes back to Australia she’s doing a headlining tour so her fans can witness her full set.

Ellie Goulding

Future Music Festival this year had WAY too many clashes which had punters running between the stages all day. As soon as Ellie Goulding finished we were running through the mud and rain to the main stage catching the last bit of Rita Ora’s opening song ‘Radioactive’. Her crowd was massive, people were on other peoples shoulders, probably overly drunk but having the best time. Her set was full of energy and was half between a rock and pop show with her killer pop tracks but an incredible backing band who really brought these songs to life.  She performed a mixture of songs from her debut album ‘Ora’ including ‘Facemelt’, ‘Hot Right Now’, ‘Shine Ya Light’, ‘Roc The Life’, ‘How We Do’ and ‘Rip’. Rita was suffering from a throat infection where she was warned to not stress her voice otherwise she would lose it but this didn’t stop her. Her voice was on fire and she was hitting every note perfectly, but this resulted in Rita losing her voice a few days later and being forced to cancel her Brisbane headlining show. She even paid homage to B.I.G before going into one of her most well known song “How We Do’. Rita Ora is on top her game, and playing this festival really helped boost her image in Australia, expect big things to come from her later on in the year.

Rita Ora Selfie

Rita Ora

Fun were up next, opening with their smash hit ‘Some Nights’ lead singer Nate Reuss won the crowd over automatically with his charisma and likeable personality. Bouncing across the stage to songs like ‘One Foot’, ‘I Gets Better’, ‘At Least I’m Not As Sad’ and ‘Carry On’. They had a surprising smaller crowd than I anticipated but this also happened at Splendour In the Grass too. It was a bit disappointing but this didn’t stop the band from putting a killer performance on. The set was cut a bit short due to a late starting but they finished their set with ‘We Are Young’ which had the whole crowd dancing in the mud, enjoying this short moment.

Nate Fun

2012 was a big year for PSY, with the success of ‘Gangnam Style’ he is now able to tour the world bringing his nonsense but entertaining music to everyone. If you like it or not PSY was the talking point of Future Music Festival. Was he only going to perform one song? Would he have no crowd? Would he be able to speak English? All those questions were soon answered. PSY walked onto the stage and in his American accent (yes he does not speak Korean) he thanked the massive crowd for coming to watch him and he would be performing some songs we had never heard before. He started performing ‘Right Now’, ‘Champion’ and ‘Paradise’, he then addressed the fact that after every song everyone would chant ‘Gangnam Style ‘. He explained how he was meant to perform five songs but because the crowd was getting restless he would perform his smash hit twice. Surrounded by dancers and fireworks PSY performed ‘Gangnam Style’ with the entire crowd joining along with his famous dance moves. Mud was flying everywhere and the sing along was hilarious.

When PSY began to perform ‘Gangnam Style’ for a second time I took that as my cue to run over to the Mazda 2 stage to catch the end of Azealia Banks set. Arriving just in time for ‘Harlem Shake’ and the club anthem ‘212’ Azealia seemed to be in her best form. I wish I got to catch more of her set after being majorly disappointed by her performance at Splendour last year where she left the stage 15min into her set.

Rita Group Selfie

Future Music Festival in Brisbane was a very muddy and wet occasion, the crowds were insane and by 5:30 I was sick and tired fighting the rain and crowd so we decided to leave the festival and get dry.

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