FLASHBACK: Paramore Interview


In 2010 I sat down with Paramore drummer Zac Farro to chat about their new album, touring and introducing a more pop sound to their music.


Your 3rd studio album Brand New Eyes is out now, can you tell our readers a bit about it?

It’s called ‘Brand New Eyes’and our friend Rob Cavallo recorded it for us in LA. Our band’s been through quite a lot and this album is really all about Hayley getting everything off her chest and sharing some of these incidents that we have been through.

What was the writing process for Brand New Eyes

Pretty similar to our normal writing routine it usually all starts with my brother Josh coming up the music then we usually go and record it. Or we take it to Hayley and play it acoustically to see if she likes it, then she will write some lyrics for it. Though this time we had this little studio and we would write some music and ideas and once we had finished them we would record demos of them and give it to Hayley to listen in her car and that how most of the album came along.

Your new single The Only Exception is out now and its really different as it has a pop, ballad sound to it, is this a sound you want to go towards to in the future?

Musically we come from all different places and we never really know what genre we are because it’s just how we are feeling. Like Josh will come with a song and be like this is how I’m feeling. When he wrote the music for ‘The Only Exception’ he was feeling down so he wrote a slower piece of music and Hayley had some lyrics she wrote a little while ago and I guess it all worked out in the end.

Paramore released the song Decode for the blockbuster film Twilight and ever since then the bands popularity has shot up, can you believe this is finally all happening?

We didn’t know what to expect with that movie because Hayley really likes the books and she used to always say to us you guys should really get into them, but we were like ah no (laughs). I remember doing the song and we went on tour and we started seeing the books everywhere from huts, to big stores and shops dedicated to the books so we were like wow this is getting big. We then decided to sing it for the movie and we were extremely thankful we got to do it because as you said it’s contributed into our fan base.

What your favourite Paramore Song and Album?

You know what’s funny, I feel like everyone always says that their new album is their favourite but I feel that our bands been through so much in the last year and I believe ‘Brand New Eyes’ is our strongest album to date and has the best content on it. My favourite song is actually probably ‘Decode’ though it’s actually not on an album so its funny I like this album as a whole and this particular one song.

When you and your brother created Paramore you weren’t too sure about having Hayley or a female as lead singer, why was this?

Back in the time when we were forming the band it was the cool thing to have an all guy rock band and I guess we never really thought about having a female in the band. Then one day Hayley just asked us and we were like well she’s our friend and we heard her sing  and she was amazing so we just gave it a shot and its worked so I’m happy we didn’t let our egos get in the way (laughs).

How would you describe Paramores sound?

= I think the best way you can describe our band is easy listening pop rock music as we have so slower tracks and some heavier tracks. I think there is probably a song in our back catalogue for everyone except if you’re looking for rap or hardcore music because you probably won’t find it in Paramore (laughs).






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