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Enter Shikari are one very interesting band, with a sound that’s completely different to any other hardcore band in the music industry. Their genre is a cross between dance electronica and hardcore rock which creates one amazing live performance. Hailing from Hertfordshire England this four piece is coming back to Australia later in the year for another tour with their unique came back to Australia in September for a national tour after wowing audiences with their unique live performance on the Soundwave tour at the beginning of the year. Their Australian tour in September has nearly sold out showing that Enter Shikari are not just popular in the UK but have a huge following abroad too.

1. This is a little game I like to play with people I interview, followed are some sentences and you have to complete them.

– My ultimate festival line up would include….

TOGETHER Radiohead, Prodigy, At The Drive In and Rage Against The Machine.

– If I had superpowers they would be….

RORY Eat peoples souls

ROU Grow really tall like a giant and walk around and smash buildings

– I can’t remember the last time I….

ROU Touch myself, (Laughs) it’s been a long time.

– Lady Gaga is…..

ROU Interesting

RORY A good representation of how society now days are so focused on image and a quick fix of happiness (maybe?) and bubblegum music which isn’t  an art form, its just cheap.


2. At all the dates of the Soundwave festival you guys received quite big crowds, were you expecting that to happen?

ROU Not really because we were up against System of A Down so we weren’t expecting it at all.

3. We see a lot of heavy metal bands change their sound and go a bit more ‘mainstream’, do you think Enter Shikari will ever change their style?

ROU I think we will always be developing our sound and it’s not a hidden secret that we are very proud of Common Dreads but we will probably just keep experimenting with sounds.

RORY I can’t really imagine why we would want to go pop. I’m happy if we can keep touring.

ROU I know Rob has aspirations to become a pop band but we will try and keep those aspirations far away (laughs).

4. Enter Shikari’s sound is very original and different, where did you get the inspiration to create this sound?

Rou = This is always a tough question for us, because we actually do listen to everything and it all contributes. I guess the first bands we ever listened to were weird bands like the Beatles and Queen which our parents got us into. Then we started listening to bands like the Prodigy and electronic stuff, then when were older we started going to gigs in our local areas and there was a big push in the hardcore scene. So basically we mashed all of those genres together and made our sound.

5. What is your most memorable performance?

Rory = It was probably at Reeding Festival last year in the UK because it’s one of the biggest music festivals and it’s the one we used to go to as kids. In our last song, like we usually do, we ask everyone to crowd surf and we probably had over 2000 people crowd surfing it was so awesome but so weird.

Rou = Yer that’s a really hard to top because it was just so crazy and awesome however I really like playing at a really small venue that is the size of a toilet (laughs)….. Wait I know one now!!! We did a performance at the Butterfly in the UK four years ago and it was a really s*** venue but it was the most awesome gig because there was a stage invasion with the crowd stage diving off our stage (laughs).

6. How would you best describe Enter Shikari’s sound?

Rou = I usually answer this question by saying its passionately aggressive music.

7. You all co-run a little label called Ambush Reality, could you guys tell our readers about it?

RORY We originally made Ambush Reality just so we could release the first few songs we had as we weren’t signed to a label. When the labels started coming to us we decided to stay with ambush reality and just have some distributing contracts to get our music out there.

8. Rou your clothing company ‘Step Up Clothing’ is set to be launched next year, can you tell us about it and what we can expect?

 ROU Hopefully it will be in the next few months but I’ve been saying that for the past year now (laughs). It’s just been difficult because I’ve set such strict gridlines and basic ethics for the company that it’s hard to set up while we are on tour. All the first batch of designs are done now and it’s just sourcing the garments so they do cover all the bases. It should be out in the next couple of months.

9. Rory, Rou and Rob have a few side projects running, do you have any upcoming side project plans?

 RORY I’ve been creating music on my computer since I was like 12 or 13 but the thing with me is that I would get this great idea but not finish it so its hasn’t really gone further than that stage. Recently I’ve been trying to mix a few things and hopefully I can put some stuff up but nothing serious.



Thursday 20th September Brisbane, Eatons Hill – Lic A/A www.oztix.com.au

Friday 21st September Sydney, UNSW Roundhouse – Lic A/A www.ticketek.com.au

Saturday 22nd September Melbourne, Billboard – 18+ www.oztix.com.au, www.ticketek.com.au

Sunday 23rd September Melbourne, Billboard – Under 18 www.oztix.com.au, www.ticketek.com.au

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