Supafest 2012 Live Review

Supafest 2012 had its share of controversy with three of their main acts pulling out due to unforseen circumstances but the party didn’t stop rolling with the organisers putting on a fantastic festival of urban and pop music.

Kelly Rowland’s first performed at Supafest in 2010 and she’s back for the festivals third year promoting her new album ‘Here I Am’. Opening with ‘Like This’ her set contained performances of her smash singles ‘Commander’, ‘’When Love Takes Over’, ‘Dilemma’, a Destiny Child medley and she even serenaded a fan singing the chorus of ‘Stole’ acapella. However she didn’t perform ‘Work’ or ‘Motivation’ which are big name records for her. She had four male dancers with her on stage which kept all the girls happy while all the males eyes were glued on Rowland as she strutted across the stage.

Ice Cube is a member of one of hip hops greatest groups N.W.A but today he was performing in Brisbane strictly doing his solo material which the crowd didn’t seem to mind. He performed hits like ‘Check Yo Self’, ‘Gangsta Nation’, ‘Go To Church’ and ‘You Can Do It’. It wouldn’t have been a Ice Cube show without him talking about how the West Side is the best side (Rapper rivalry between East and West) ending his set with ‘I Rep The West’. It was a great performance from someone who a lot of urban fans call a legend of Hip Hop. He had a lot of stage presence and seemed to connect with everyone in the crowd even if you hadn’t heard or particularly liked his music in the past.

All the acts kept stepping it up a notch coming out one by one giving Brisbane all they had and up next was a man who can rap like no one else. Ludacris bounced on stage to ‘Act A Fool’ with his insanely fast verses which left the crowd open mouthed and captivated. He went on to perform verses and choruses from the collaborations he has done including ‘Glamorous’ by Fergie, ‘Yeah’ by Usher, ‘All I Do Is Win’ by DJ Kahled and ‘Break Your Heart’ by Taio Cruz. By the end of his set, if you weren’t already a fan of Ludacris you were now. His set was flawless as he is a true showman knowing what to do to win over the crowd. Ludacris is definitely someone to go see live when he returns to our shores hopefully in the near future.

Trey Songz was up next and the female crowd were going crazy for the arrival of this new urban superstar. Having seen Trey Songz last year when he supported Usher, I left very disappointed and didn’t at all enjoy his set as his ego was a bit too high for my liking. So I came into this performance expecting to not enjoy it the slightest but he won me over. Trey left his massive ego offstage and came on with a smooth crooner like persona which mirrors the likes of Usher. His performance was better structured; he sung a lot better and interacted with the crowd a whole lot more. His performance included ‘Out Of My Head’. ‘Love Faces’, ‘Bottoms Up’ and ‘Neighbours Know My Name’. Something else Trey has that a lot of urban acts don’t is a full backing band which he interacts with a lot to bring his songs to life. It was a really enjoyable set and whatever he has learnt in the past year is working for him and I’m looking forward to see him next time round when he’s back in Australia.

Up next was T-pain who is someone that comes to Australia every year and every single time he performs he puts on a show you won’t forget. Tonight’s performance was however not his best and easily forgettable. Seeing T-Pain twice in the past you expect a whole different level of energy and effort but tonight he just didn’t seem completely together. Her performed hit like ‘Low’, ‘Turn All The Lights On’, ‘Best Love Song’, ‘Blame It’, ‘All I Do Is Win’ and ‘Take Your Shirt Off’. On top of that he even shuffled on stage to LMFAO ‘Party Rock Anthem’ which set the crowd off. During this performance T-Pain seemed to have a lot more choreographed dancing and stage directions which is a good sign that he’s trying to keep on improving his set but he seems more comfortable when he can freely move without set plans.

Opening with ‘I Can Transform Ya’ Chris Brown made sure Brisbane knew that tonight there was no mucking around; he was going to give them all he had. The show had everything from incredible dancing, great singing, fireworks, explosions, and a whole lot of crowd interaction which included jumping in between the over 18 and all ages Bling Rings right up to the general admission areas. Even getting up close and personal with a lucky fan during ‘Take You Down’ giving her a lap dance which turned all the girls’ eyes green with envy. He performed most of his hits including ‘Forever’, ‘Yeah X3’, ‘Beautiful People’, ‘Run It’, ‘Wall To Wall’, ‘Birthday Cake’ and new single ‘Turn Up The Music’. He noticeably didn’t perform his biggest single ‘With You’ which left a lot of the crowd waiting for him to come back on for another encore which never happened. However it was a great set ending a fantastic day of urban and pop music. Bring on Supafest 2013!

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