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Adam Young is a strange yet intriguing young man. He turned to music as his result for insomnia and luckily he did because after he uploaded his music onto MySpace people started noticing his original sound and because of the viral popularity he soon got signed to Universal Republic. Owl City is Young’s band and their first single which was released early last year was a little track, which you may know, called ‘Fireflies’. Young admits he never thought it would achieve the success that it had accomplished but for some reason the people of the world fell in love with it and it has become one of the most recognisable songs of 2009/2010. Thomas Bleach recently spoke to Adam Young about touring, ‘Fireflies’ and his side project Sky Sailing. Check it out:

1. What is your opinion on your past Australian visits?

 = They were pleonastic and I had a lot of fun. It was also humid.


2. What is your favourite memory from your last trip to Australia? And what are you looking most forward to do when you come back? 

= I recorded a quartet of crickets outside my hotel balcony in Melbourne. I have no idea how they got all the way up to my balcony, but there they were… so I recorded them. They sound nice.


3. Fireflies was a massive hit for you, did you ever imagine that it would accomplish the things that it has?

= Even though my dreams can get pretty wild, never in my wildest dreams did I imagine what the song would accomplish.


4. Was it hard to comprehend the success of the song or were you expecting it?

= I almost didn’t put it on the record, that’s how much I was least expecting it to succeed.


5. Your album ‘Ocean Eyes’ was met to critical acclaim and huge success, can you tell our readers a bit about it and the creative processes you had to go through to essentially create it? 

= It was a lot of fun creating it. I’m the kind of writer who enjoys working a little bit at a time and then sitting with the results for a long time to make sure they’re what I want. As a perfectionist, it can sometimes take a lot of writing and re-writing to make me happy but when it’s done and I’m okay with the results, it’s a fulfilling feeling like no other. I love it.


6. Is the final product of the album how you imagined it from the beginning of the process and is there anything you would change about it?

= It’s pretty close. There are certainly a few things I’d change if I could, but therein lies the curse of the perfectionist. For me, it’s better to release something and never look back than to sit around and fume about what I should’ve done differently. There’s always the next record.


7. You currently have a side project going on called Sky Sailing, can you tell us a bit about it and how it came together? 

= It came together a long time before Owl City, strangely enough. I wrote a darker, acoustic record three years ago and just now found the time to release it. It’s a sentimental little collection of songs and I’m honoured to have the chance to release them out into the world.


8. Adam you are the main man behind Owl City and you are quite the creative genius, so where do get all of these amazing and wacky ideas from?

= Who is your biggest inspiration? It sounds crazy (and it IS crazy) but I spend a lot of time in the dictionary, just reading whatever my eyes land upon. That’s where I get a lot of inspiration.


9. Followed are a couple of sentences and you have to complete them with whatever first pops into your head. 

– I cant remember the last time I…… forgot something.

– I don’t usually…… remember the last time I forgot something.

– Something no one knows about me is that…. I tend to forget some things I have trouble remembering.

– One thing I can’t stand is… a person who can’t remember the last time he forgot something.

– My favourite song at the moment is… Remember To Breathe by Dashboard Confessional.

– I am…. really stupid.

– I can’t leave my house without my… clothes on.

– My favourite beach is… Umbrella Beach.

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