FLASHBACK: Interview with Cody Simpson in 2010


Justin Bieber is one of the world’s biggest stars in 2010 and following in his footsteps is Gold Coast musician Cody Simpson.  At only a young age of 13 Cody has had two hit singles including his catchy debut single IYIYI with Flo Rida and his new single Summertime which is slowly creeping up the charts. Cody has now re-located to LA with his highly supportive family where he is now in the final processes of putting his debut album together which is due in early 2011. He recently performed for the first time in Australia at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards but before he did so, he sat down with Thomas Bleach to talk about Girls, Music, Family and getting mobbed at the Gold Airport for the second time. Check it out:

1. Welcome back to Australia, are you happy to be back at home?

= I am. You forget how much you miss home.

2. How are you finding LA?

= It’s good. We moved around 4 months ago with my whole family and I’ve just been working on my album, paying a few shows over there and rehearsing for the Kids Choice Awards which I’m back in Australia to perform at.

3. How long are you back for? What are you planning to do while your here?

= I’m back for a week and the Nickelodeon Kids Choice awards are on Friday so I will be doing heaps of rehearsals for that and I will be catching up with some friends from the Gold Coast so that should be fun.

4. Are you planning to come back and play some gigs around the country soon?

= Hopefully! My performance at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards will be my first live performance in Australia and then I’m heading back to America to finish up the album. I’ve recorded thirty to forty tracks and I have to choose 10 or 12 of the best songs to go on the record. But hopefully after that I will be back in Australia to play some shows.

5. You do have some crazy die hard fans, how are you dealing with them as they must be sometimes really full on?

= (Laughs) It’s not a bad thing, that’s all I can say.

6. I remember you got mobbed at the Gold Coast Airport last time you were here at the start of the year….

It happened again this week! (laughs) I came back and didn’t expect it at all. I just thought it would just be my family waiting for me. But my friend Campbell (who I talk a lot to on Twitter and has heaps of followers) Tweeted when and where I was arriving and there were (laughs) a LOT of people who turned up to meet me.

7. You have been receiving heaps of comparisons to teen heartthrob Justin Bieber, how do you feel about these comparisons? Why do you think you have been compared to him?

= Justin Bieber has been so successful, he has great music and to be compared to someone like him is so faltering and to have some of his success is just amazing. What I’ve been doing already is passing my expectations and I hope I can go further. I guess the comparisons come from that he is the only young male teen star out there at the moment, and the next young star is going to be compared to him.

6. You have met Justin before, what was he like and can we expect a collaboration between you two?

= I met him at his ‘Somebody To Love’ video shoot, he is a really nice guy and we have been talking about doing a song together in the near future so keep an eye out.

7. You have been receiving heaps of attention from the ladies, how are you handling that? Do you have a special girl at the moment?

= Again it isn’t a bad thing, I’m just excited about all the young girls who love my music and to be up on stage and see everyone singing along is an awesome feeling. I don’t have anyone special at the moment so I’m single (Laughs).

8. Are you looking for a girl at the moment then and what does she have to be like?

= I guess I’m always looking; I’m never not looking (laughs). She just has to be herself around me, natural, and doesn’t have to change.

9. Your song IYIYI feat Flo Rida has been doing awesome things on the charts not just here in Australia but abroad as well, were you expecting it to be such a hit?

= Since I was signed with Atlantic we recorded the song and I never knew what was going to exactly happen and all I knew is that we would release the single and hope for the best.

10. Your second single Summertime is out now, can you tell our readers about it?

= We released the video just recently and we filmed that at the Wet N Wild on Gold Coast. When we were filming it, it didn’t feel like a video shoot as I had all my friends at the park and we were going on rides and just having fun while the cameras were following us. So that was cool and I feel like the song shows a different side to me.

11. Shouldn’t you be in school right now?

= No, not right now (laughs). I’ve just started doing home schooling with my tutor and I feel that it is very important to have a good education at this age.

12. How are your siblings and parents dealing with your sudden rise to fame, do they think its pretty cool?

= They are very supportive of me and my sisters loves acting so moving to LA is the place for her to be. Mum and Dad are very supportive of me like not many parents would move countries to follow their kids dreams so I’m very grateful.

13. You connect with your fans quite a lot through Twitter, why do you think it’s so important to keep that connection between you the performer and them as fans?

= You have to make them feel like that you’re their friend. I’m very grateful  of them as without them I wouldn’t be here, they are the ones who buy and vote for the music and come out to the shows that I do.

14. What do you think of the music industry these days, do you feel that it is favoring imagery over artistry?

= I still feel like that music is the most important thing, I released IYIYI and thats a real pop radio music song but I will be going around an playing that acoustically so that is still important.

15. So this is a little game I like to play with people I interview, followed are some sentences and you have to complete them.

– My ultimate festival line up would include… Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars, Jack Johnson and Lady Gaga

– If I had superpowers they would be… to fly

– I don’t usually… Not eat anything without spilling something on myself

– Lady Gaga is…. Unique

– Something no one knows about me is… I’m a big Nicki Minaj fan


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