Fashion Speak With Carson Kressley


What are the current in styles and trends

I think fall is the best time to get dressed because it forges a lot of opportunity to accessorise and to layer and enjoy sweaters, coats and jackets. Living in a tropical climate like Brisbane you have to be creative so it’s really about employing those trends through colour. So next spring is really about bright colours so bright, green, bright orange, bright pink and doing some more saturated jewel tones like beautiful sapphire, deep ruby red and deep eggplant purple. I’m taking more floral prints and trying to translate them into more modern prints like geometrics and using saturated and water colour prints.

Are shoulder pads back?

Apparently they are back, they are every where now thanks to Lady Gaga, she can do no wrong in my book, I love her!

What is the key to be comfortable in your own skin?

Hmm I think it’s really about being proud of whom you are and I think lots of people feel different or not feel great about themself because they might be overweight, or might be gay or be apart of a minority or might have a physical difference. I think when everybody just realises that everyone is a human being and everyone has things to be proud of and work with their assets you can eventually gain that confidence to feel great and not just feel comfortable but feel amazing.

How are the Australian and US Fashion markets different?

I think they are actually pretty similar and obviously we have a lot more people and a whole lot of more choices but I believe that the fashion world is global and trends to you see in Europe and in the US eventually make it the way here. However some trends actually start here like ugs, who knew.


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