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Elen Levon is one of Australia’s brightest young stars. At the mere age of 17 she has already toured the country with some of Urban musics biggest names and has released a successful debut single. Her songs ‘Naughty’ and ‘Like A Girl In Love’ have both received positive reviews from critics proclaiming her the Australian version of Rihanna. Her new single ‘Dancing To The Same Song’ is just about to be released on ITunes followed by a national tour with Jay Sean and Johnny Ruffo. In the past Elen has toured alongside the likes of Snoop Dogg, New Boyz, 50 Cent, Nelly, Keri Hilson, Ciara, Lil Kim, and Busta Rhymes to name a few. Thomas Bleach recently spoke to Elen Levon about touring, creating music and the misconceptions some may have on the music industry.

1. This is a game that I like to play with the people I interview; I am going to say a few sentences and you have to complete them with the first things that come to your head.

– My ultimate music festival line up would be… Madonna, Tinnie Tempah, Jay Z, Rihanna, Pharrell Williams, Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Justin Timberlake, Andre 3000, Lady Gaga and Drake.
– Something that no one knows about me is that… I LOVE burgers and that I have every Michael Jackson concert DVD ever made.
– If I had superpowers they would be… Invisibility
– I don¹t usually… Watch TV
– I would never… Eat a worm alive.
– My Favourite Disney character is… The Little Mermaid

2. Your debut single ‘Naughty’ and follow up isngle ‘Like A Girl In Love’ is out now on ITunes, have you been surprised by the success they both have had so far? They’ve both been climbing the charts, being played regularly on the radio and the videos are getting played a lot on MTV?

= Yes, the success it has achieved I never believed was possible but if you have the will to win, you have achieved half your success.

3. You¹re only 17 years old, so entering into the music industry can be quite Daunting. Have you had any misconceptions of what you thought the industry would be like and what it actually is like?

= No I haven’t really had any misconceptions. But I didn’t realise much work goes into it everyday. You really have to cherish every minute that you have spare.

4. How were you discovered by your manager? Was it by coincidence or did you turn up to an audition?

= Before I was a solo artist, I had already worked with my management in a pop group so that is how I met him.

5. Many artists these days carry with them a certain type of message. Do you have a certain message you’d like to get across with your fans through your work?
= My message is simply to have fun and not care what others think of you. Life only happens once, so climb that ladder to your dreams, satisfaction and happiness.

6. You have toured alongside some of Urban¹s biggest names including Snoop Dogg, Nelly, 50 Cent and Keri Hilson. What have those experiences been like? What has been the craziest on tour experience you have had to date?

= That was amazing! The craziest was when i was coming off the stage and i see 50 Cent peaking through a curtain watching my performance and giving me a smile and wave!

7. What was some of the best advice any of the artists you have toured with have given you?

= To not take it way too seriously and stick to the people that believed in you first because a lot of people are going to try and take that away from you.

8. As said before you have already toured with some huge names in the industry, who are some of the artists that you would love to tour with one day?

= Madonna, Tinnie Tempah, Jay Z, Rihanna, Pharrell Williams, Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Justin Timberlake, Andre 3000, Lady Gaga and Drake.

Elen Levon’s singles ‘Naughty’ and ‘Like A Girl In Love’ are now available from ITunes with her new single ‘Dancing To The Same Song’ out very shortly.

Elen is also joining Jay Sean and Johnny Ruffo on tour later this year, tickets are available through Ticketmaster and Ticketek.

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