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Busby Marou are an indie duo made up of Thomas Busby and Jeremy Marou from Rockhampton Australia. They were the first signing to Warner Music Australia’s Indie imprint Footstomp Records and have just released their debut self-titled album on June 24 which is currently number 5 on the Aria Charts.  Their debut single ‘Biding My Time’ is a strong alternative song which could give Angus And Julia Stone a run for their money. They were first discovered in the mainstream scene with their rendition of ‘Better Be Home Soon’ on the highly successful Finn Tribute album ‘He Will Have His Way’.The boys are well known for their amazing live performances with their cheeky on stage presence and Jeremy’s natural ability to play any instrument that he wants to. Thomas Bleach recently sat down with the Thomas Busby and Jeremy Marou from Busby Marou. Check out the interview below:

1. This is a game that I like to play with the people I interview; I am gonna say a few sentences and you have to complete them with the first things that come to your head.

– My ultimate music festival line up would be…

Tom = Bruce Springsteen, My Morning Jacket, Beach Boys, Beatles

Jeremy = Brad Paisley, Alan Jackson and Keith Urban

– Something that no one knows about us is that…

Tom = I’m the youngest of 8 kids

Jeremy = I would become a professional fisherman over a musician

– If I had superpowers they would be…

Tom = Fly

Jeremy = Fly

– I don’t usually…

Tom = I never play a guitar at home

Jeremy = Fart In Public

2. Your self-titled debut album is out now, what can people expect from this?

Tom = Well A lot of people have been telling us it’s a bit of an Australian journey, I guess it sort of is as it’s our style. What they can expect is some real acoustic tracks, dominated with harmonies and tied in with some of Jeremy’s clever guitar links.

3. How did you go into selecting the songs for this album as you must have quite a lot of material from demoing to choose from?

Tom = We had heaps of songs left over from our last EP that we held onto for years and we thought it was going to be a really hard decision to choose the songs for this album but the ones came along and we’ve grown so much so the old ones got the chop as our new material was so much better.

4. Did you go into the studio with a clear mind of how you wanted the album to sound and feel like. And if so did the album turn out like anything like what you wanted?

Tom = Yes and Yes. We definitely knew what we wanted because we did the EP and it was very genre crossed so it didn’t really make sense. So we stripped it back to just our vocals, guitar and drums.

Jeremy = We are really happy with how it turned out because it is so much stronger than our previous EP and it did turn out exactly how we wanted.

5.You guys were apart of the Finn tribute album ‘He Will Have His Way’ that must have been a privellage.  Did you guy jump at the chance or were you not sure?

Tom = Oh no we jumped at the chance. I’m a huge fan of theirs and we were at the Moreton Island when a producer from that album contacted us because they read a really good review of us in one of the papers. And we left straight away and started recording it.

Jeremy = We were the only unsigned artist on that record so it was a huge deal for us

6. Now Jeremy you have a really amazing gift with musical instruments. Did you take lessons when you were younger or did you teach yourself. What one is your favourite to play?

Jeremy = You know what I think I’m just fortunate enough to have that natural ability and no I never had a single lesson except an afternoon drum lesson which was for school.  Drums would defintley be my favourite instrument but sadly I don’t get to play them as much as I would like to hence why I’ve resorted to guitar.

Tom = You can’t say you would choose drums over guitar

Jeremy = For sure

Tom = Ok so say you were given a drum kit but you would never able to play guitar again or you can have a guitar but never have a drum kit again?

Jeremy = *Contemplating* Guitar *Laughs*

7. I just want to know where you got the name Busby Marou from?

Jeremy = Thomas Busby, Jeremy Marou

Tom = We were playing at the time with no name so we started to be called Thomas and Jeremy, then Thomas and Jerry, then Tom and Jerry. My dad came up to us and was like your band name is Tom and Jerry and we just went that’s it gotta find a band name *laughs*

8. Do you believe that the music industry these days focuses on Imagery over artistry?

Tom = Yer definitely. We’ve been asked to cut our hair and change our clothes but in the end its benefiting us as we have to look good. We aren’t the best looking blokes so we have to try our best *laughs*


Busby Marou self titled album is in stores now

Also check out the guys cover of ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ on ‘Triple J Like A Version’

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